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Zoey and I were on our way home from her school this afternoon, and I told her, "We're going home to get Daddy, then we're going to go play at NiNi's house."

"Oh," she said, and got quiet again for a few seconds. Then she added, "Daddy is cool."

I almost called him to tell him :) But since I had just hung up with him a couple minutes prior to this little announcement, I hesitated to call him, and instead told him how cool he is when we got home.

I also made sure he knows that if Zoey EVER says anything flattering about me, he is absolutely allowed to call me, anytime, anywhere…


A few minutes ago, while Zoey and I were looking at every single lizard, snake, turtle and alligator in her new reptile book, I unleashed a sneeze after several seconds of breathless build-up.

"Bless you, Mommy!" Zoey exclaimed, adding reassuringly, "After you 'choo, you feel better."