I began today better, but still numb and grasping for some sort of concrete thoughts, things that felt real. It seemed that I should have been happier, more like myself, but I wasn’t quite there yet… Imagine trying to tiptoe across a rope bridge high above a chasm, and just when you start to relax, the bridge snaps. You grab onto a line of rope as your half of the bridge hurtles toward the cliff wall, and you cling for your life — and next thing you know, you go from looking down past your own feet in a panic to being hauled up over the side by your wrists. Someone has saved you, but for the first little while, you just dig your fingers into the dirt and take in the sensation that you’re okay now.

Then you can get up and dust yourself off, be grateful it was merely a close call, and move on. And that’s how my day is wrapping up.