We decided to go to Target this morning to pick up some stuff we needed, and to wander around admiring miscellaneous things, and to put random items we suddenly MUST HAVE into our shopping cart. By 9 a.m., I had showered, and Danny was getting into the shower, but Zoey — She Who Resists Going to Sleep But Once She is Asleep She Sleeps Like it is Her Favorite Pasttime Besides Refusing to Eat — was still snoring. I went in and sat on her bed, expecting this to be difficult. She does not generally take well to being woken up. (Actually, if any person on Earth ever had a perfectly legitimate need for a coffee addiction — a “don’t talk to me or even look at me until I’m on my second cup of coffee” type of coffee addiction — it would be Zoey.)

I started talking to her. “Zoooey… Zooooooey…” Her eyes opened a slit. “Zoooey… You have to wake up now. We’re going to go to Target!”

At this, her eyes flew open all the way, and she thrust both arms up at me, instantly awake and instantly cheerful. Perhaps she would have been able to wake up even earlier, had she known there was something THIS exciting to wake up for.