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For some reason, I really, REALLY wish I could watch “Happy Gilmore” with Mike. Don’t ask me why. It just occurred to me awhile ago. Not that we watched it a ton of times, but we definitely watched it enough. I’d love to hear him laugh when Happy says, “How ’bout if I just go eat some hay? I could make things out of clay, down by the bay… I just may, what do you say?” …Or when the big guy has the shirt that reads “Guns don’t kill people, I kill people.” Or when Shooter hires the guy to make Happy upset, and the guy pops out of the woods over and over and calls Happy a jackass. “Hey, Happy! You suck! …Jackass!” Or when the caddy gets aggravated and throws the turtle into the water hazard. Or a whoooole bunch of other amusing moments I will not quote here because I feel like being nice this evening and not using bad words. Mike and I got a major kick out of that movie.

Which reminds me of how much we loved watching “Tommy Boy.” I thought it was lame when I saw it in the theater, but man, I have loved it ever since. We watched that one several times, too. I seem to recall that Mike liked when Richard was vacuuming all the moths in the hotel room, and said, “Can we get any more moths in here?”

“I like Wal-Mart, myself.”