This page explains why I have password-protected certain posts. It is directed primarily at people who know me personally.

Because I started this blog for myself as an outlet, it will not always be pretty. Sometimes I have a need to be honest and/or very emotional here. I’ve been censoring myself, and everytime I do it, it frustrates me that it’s even necessary. But I do have the occasional family members and close friends who read, and therefore I’ve had to be careful, because frankly the last thing I need is to have any kind of uproar over something I had the nerve to write about in *my own blog*. Everyone’s entitled to their feelings and opinions, and I don’t force this blog on anyone. I’m trying to deal with my brother’s death, and I really mean no offense when I say this, but it’s a dark time for me and if you don’t like that, don’t come here and read. I’ve gone through loss before and been judged for my feelings and actions, and I will be damned if I’m going to sit by and let it happen a second time. I’m doing my best, but sometimes I need to let things out.

From today on, posts I suspect might be particularly upsetting will be password-protected. No matter who you are, I’ll give you the password if you want it, but you must ask me or e-mail me at Personally, I think it kind of sucks that I have to password-protect the most significant posts I write (at least in terms of personal significance), but whatever. I’m just tired of wrestling with it.

***NOTE: Once you have the password, you must understand you’re reading at your own risk.***

May 6, 2006